Ronan, Chef

photoMy name is Ronan Lowther and I have been working as a chef in kitchens for over three years now and have worked at all levels from the bottom to top of the kitchen hierarchy in some of Dublin’s busiest eateries. I am currently working as Chef de Partie at one of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s ‘River Cottage’ restaurants in the south of England.

I am extremely passionate and invested in all organic, local and seasonal produce and feel it is not only a extremely important thing for people and business’ to support and get involved with but also feel it is the next ‘big thing’ in food.

I attended the Ballymaloe cookery School in county cork for there three month certificate course in January 2015, to get some formal and structured training in cooking, it was an amazing experience which not only advanced my cooking skills greatly but also gave my love for all things organic another massive boost.

I was a year behind Josh in secondary school and we have always had a good relationship and when he approached me with the idea for this project I automatically knew I wanted to get as involved as I possibly could, some of these recipes and ideas are ones I have seen or been thought with my own slight adaptations, but many are a pure creation of my own making,some of which I have been developing for a while now, I hope you enjoy the recipes and the entire project and hopefully you will allow yourself to find the time to cook some.”

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