Me, Designer

JoshMy name is Josh Purcell and I am an Industrial Designer. I aim to blur the lines between disciplines to create unique new experiences and objects. I believe objects are relics of our society and in an age of the virtual content it is more important than ever for the designer to give reason and focus to the products that he designs.

I draw influence from all disciplines to keep a wide perspective. I learn most from making and take joy from understanding how things work. Making allows you to explore and bring you to places that you never think you would find yourself. I relish this approach to design and life.

Placement with Design Goat taught me how to create small details when designing. These small details create an aesthetic delight for the consumer to discover. The placement also showed the depth of Dublin’s emerging design scene and gives me confidence in peoples growing interest in this emerging culture.

Food design is an emerging part of this culture. It allows the designer to create unique experiences. When working like this you must  think like a composer or director creating a narrative composed of multiple layers. When designing the experience I really struggled with the food narrative. Ronan an old school friend and talented chef assisted me and contributed a new dynamic to the project. He was able to help translate my idea into a beautiful story of recipes.

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